Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in adoptable a pet from Ruff House Rescue.

Our adoption policy:

Our Puppies and Dogs, Cats and kittens are ready to go only once they have been spayed/neutered.
Each pet is Micro-chipped, current on vaccinations, and spayed or neutered.
Our Adoption Application should be submitted right here on our website.
An adoption Application is required to start the adoption process.
A home visit or videos/pictures will be requested to ensure our pets are going to safe homes.
Our applications may be considered extensive but should only take 10 minutes to complete. Please be sure you fill in every question as the application will not submit with any omissions.
Please do NOT submit an application unless you are ready to adopt immediately and make sure if you rent you have written landlord approval for any breed, any size if applying to adopt a mixed breed puppy as a puppies weight and mix CANNOT be determined as most rescues are mixed breeds with little background information.
Adoption fees vary, Puppies ages 6 mos and under are $450, Pups 7 months and up are a $350 which is a tax deductible fee  Pure Breed Dogs can be slightly higher, Dogs that have been with the rescue for a longer period of time may have a waived or lowered adoption fee. These fees help to provide funding for our life saving work while making sure each and every one of our dogs or cats has the opportunity for a loving home.
We expect potential adopters to consider adopting a pet a life time commitment with years of vetting and other expenses that go along with adding a pet to your family.
We carefully screen our applicants in hopes that we are providing the best and safest homes for each and every one of our fur kids!
Please be patient with the adoption process, It can take from one day to two weeks depending on all parties involved in the adoption process and whether or not the adoptable animals have been spayed/neutered.
We require each pet leave with an engraved ID tag, a safe leash and martingale collar.
Pets often require a crate for training and safety and we provide a shopping list for adopters here on our website to assist with what you may also need to safely bring your new family member home.
We are happy you are choosing to adopt rather then buy from a puppy mill or breeder and want you to know that rescuing a cat or dog instead of buying one is helping to save many innocent lives. Not just the pet you are adopting.
We reserve the right to deny any application but are here to place our rescues as quickly and happily as possible.
Thank you for thinking Adoption First!

The Adoption Process:

Our adoption process is designed to make sure that we successfully match families with a pup that is a good fit.

We ask a lot of questions, and spend a lot of time with adopters.

The first step to adopting from Ruff House is completing our adoption application.

Once we receive your adoption application, one of our volunteer adoption counselors will call you and your references to review it!  They will conduct a phone interview and call your references (landlord if you rent, veterinary, and personal).

If we feel that we have a pup who is a good match for your family, we will email you for pictures of your house and yard as well as set up a home visit if possible.

Then, we set up an appointment for you to come meet pups either at our facility in Freeport or in one of our local foster homes!  By this time we have a great sense of who would be a good match for your family and are able to show you a handful of pups who we think would be fantastic!

The adoption process will go quickly if references and adopters can be reached quickly once the application has been submitted.

Ruff House Volunteers on the application team process applications 7 days a week.

We try to make sure the applications submitted during the week are completed before Friday so that potential adopters can be scheduled for meet and greets Saturdays and Sundays as that is when we do our meet and greets and finalize adoptions. Please expect to bring your dog  or dogs with you to meet the dog you would like to adopt or we cannot move forward with the adoption. We don’t do meet and greet at adopters homes unless there are special circumstances.

Please do not apply to adopt unless:
1. You have considered the responsibilities of adopting a new pet; a pet can be a 15-20 year commitment
2. You are committed to the success of the adoption (this means hours available to care for and train your new family member)
3. You are prepared for the financial obligations of a new family member, including: feeding, vetting, training, and general care
4. Everyone in the household is happy with the decision to adopt and ready to take in a new pet

You can contact Ruff House Rescue via email 24/7, and expect a response usually within 24 hours or less:

Meet and greets for pets are generally done at our facility in Freeport or in a foster’s home by appointment.



  • Hi. I have lived within a pack for many years. I have trained rotties. I currently am without a dog. They are great companions. I would like to foster or adopt. My only request is to have small dog. I would like meet Yuki and Suki.

  • Hi Diana,
    hope all is well wit you and Ruff House Rescue.
    i adopt Big E from you through Deirdre Somers who was his Foster mama in May 2013.
    do i have to fill up again an application? Biggie is doing super well, he owes the house!! he has his instagram page biggie_chelsea and i #you every time i post a pic.
    i may considered to get him a companion a sm female , smaller then him so he would always feel that he rules the house.
    there is no rush but i think he woul like it, when friends come over with their sm dog he seems very interested. it could be more toward spring.
    let me know
    and have Happy Holidays and a great prosperous 2016
    man-lai liang

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