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help us purchase an adoption van!

Each week, we, the volunteers and supporters of Ruff House Rescue, pull dogs from kill shelters, vet them, care for them, and eventually find each and every one a home.

The ability to place each pet quickly is paramount to our mission as each free kennel opens up a space for another saved life.  

Every weekend, Ruff House hosts adoption events at our adoption facility and at offsite venues such as PetSmart, Petco, festivals, and special events. The amount of pets that can go to adoptions offsite is often limited due to the inability to bring as many cats and dogs to adoptions as we would like.  

We have had the good fortune of adopters traveling from as far as Virginia to come adopt from our Rescue.  Many adopters have shared with us the need for more adoptable pets in their area.  We want to be able to bring these adoptable pets to places where there are homes waiting for them.  

The notion of our own adoption vehicle, we find to be a very practical solution to bringing more of our animals off-site, giving them better chances of finding homes, therefore saving more lives.  It is our mission to rescue and rehome as many adoptable pets as humanly possible.  

We have set our sights on an adoption van which would enable us to do just that.  We have done our research and have found the budget for an adoption van to be at $165,000.  This vehicle would carry our precious cargo to unlimited locations.

We have started this fundraiser in hopes of inspiring people like you, who may be unable to adopt, or foster, or volunteer, but would like to help in other ways.  Your donation towards this life-saving vehicle would provide a lifeline for shelter pets waiting to be saved with time working against them.  

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