Family Album


charity adopted

Charity Adopted

cindy lou adopted

Cindy Lou Adopted


Casey Adopted


Buster Brown Adopted


Charlotte Adopted

crispin adopted

Crispin Adopted

priscilla adopted

Priscilla, now Harper, adopted



Snoopy Adopted

spencer adopted bruno adopted rambo adopted rikki adopted Roxie adopted ruby adopted samson adopted cassie adopted alex with his family _DSC7251_KLeistner_110915LUCAS happytails_Snapseed Maggie foster to adopt misty foster to adopt Popeye foster to adopt jax at the beach Jessie adopted mason adopted Moose adopted Skittles foster jag adopted JoJo Adopted2015


Sally aka Sally Goo Goo found fur-ever!



Pete and his family!


rosie adopted

Rosie adopted!


fried adopted

Fried adopted!


woody adopted

Woody, now Charlie, Adopted!


peppermint patty adopted

Peppermint Patty, now Brooklyn, adopted!


marci and lucy adopted

Marci and Lucy, now Callie and Dakota, adopted! Together!


charlie brown adopted

Charlie Brown, now Schroeder, adopted!



buzz adopted

Buzz, now Opie, adopted!


greta adopted

Greta Adopted


sebastian adopted

Sebastian Adopted


bill adopted

Bill, now Petey, adopted


india adopted

India Adopted


simon adopted better

Simon Adopted