Rules and Guidelines

The Foster Process

puppies for kennel

  1. How long will I be expected to foster?  Fostering lasts until the pet is adopted.   Please provide two weeks’ notice if you are planning on being out of town. If you could make temporary arrangements with a friend/relative to look after your foster that would be ideal.  All arrangement must be approved by the Director.  Our fosters are limited and many are looking after their own fosters. Kennel space is limited as well!
  2. What are my responsibilities as a foster?
    • daily care
    • walking
    • feeding
    • behavior modification: correcting issues such as: jumping, accidents, mouthiness, barking, destructive chewing, dashing through doors, anxiety…whenever possible, an RHR trainer will be provided.
    • socialization and temperament evaluation: to determine whether the pet is good with different types of people and animals
    • playtime and snuggling of course!
    • providing clear, outdoor images of your foster pet showing their best qualities: ie: good with children, good with other dogs, cute behavioral traits, etc.
    • emailing videos: taken horizontally on your phone, outdoors, to show your foster pet’s best qualities, videos should be between 30 seconds and 1 minute long
    • emailing a bio of your foster pet: a concise description of your foster pet including: schedule, housebroken, personality, energy level, good with cats/kids/dogs, etc.
    • speaking with potential adopters: You will know your foster best.  After an adoption application is reviewed, we will ask you to call and speak to the applicant to see if your foster pet is a good fit.  We will also ask you to arrange a meet and greet.
    • The Rescue must be informed via email right away of any issues with your foster pet!
    • Adoption Events:  We list our adoption events on our calendar on our website as well as Facebook.  Email us to schedule bringing your foster pup to adoption events!
  3.  Do I take my foster dog to the vet?  
    • Our dogs are vetted prior to going to a foster home unless otherwise specified.
      • If your pet still needs to be spayed/neutered, a Ruff House rep will coordinate the appointment via email.  Appointments are made generally one week in advance for spay/neuter and fosters are required to make sure their foster pet keeps their appointment.  You will be requested to drop off your pet the evening before or the morning of surgery and pick up the evening of surgery.
    • If your foster requires vetting appointments, you would be requested to take him/her to a Ruff House vet.  See Ruff House vets below.  All vetting appointments must be pre-approved by the Director.
    • Other vetting issues: If you feel your foster dog needs a vet visit, you must email
  4. How often do I give an update on my foster pet? As a foster, you would be required to check in twice weekly via email at

 Do’s and Dont’s of Fostering!

DO stay in touch frequently via email with the Rescue with any important information regarding your foster dog’s health or any concerns/issues you may have.

DON’T text updates unless requested or an emergency.  A contact number will be provided for emergencies only.

DON’T change the name or the spelling of your pet’s name, as it consistent with their paperwork.

DON’T take your foster dog to a dog park or schedule meet and greets with other dogs without written permission from a Ruff House Rep.

DON’T leave your foster dog unattended in your fenced-in property at any time.  In addition, your foster dog may NEVER be off leash.

DON’T change your dog’s food without written permission from a Ruff House Rep.

DON’T give your foster dog any treats or toys outside of those listed below.

DON’T schedule meet ups with potential adopters without written permission from a Ruff House Rep.

DO send pictures and videos often so we can update your pet’s posts!

DON’T change the foster dog’s leash or martingale collar and DO keep microchip and ID tags on the martingale collar at all times. (Each dog goes home with a Ruff House Rescue ID tag with the Rescue’s contact info)

DO request vetting docs if you would like to take your foster dog for grooming.  You must have written permission from a Ruff House Rep for grooming appointments.

Your foster dog will go home with (when needed):

Travel Crate

Wire crate or X-Pen (corral)


Martingale Collar and ID tags


Limited treats permitted are: baby carrots, boiled chicken, liver treats (no treats from China are permitted)

Ruff House Rescue Vets:

Sunrise Animal Hospital Rockville Centre

Broadway Vet Care Hewlett

Emergency 24-Hour Hospital: Long Island Vet Specialists, Plainview