Foster-to-Adopt Program

Ruff House Rescue has implemented a new Foster-to-Adopt program, which allows potential adopters to take a dog home for up to two weeks to ensure that a dog is the right fit for the family.

Foster-to-Adopt situations include, but are not limited to: an adult dog, a pet that needs to complete heartworm treatment, a pet that has a medical condition.


  • Fostering to adopt means that you are making sure a dog is a good fit for the family.
  • There is a limit of 2 weeks on fostering-to-adopt.  This is to ensure that a dog finds a permanent home in a timely manner.
  • Fosters MUST CHECK IN DAILY via email to
    • SPAY/NEUTER: we have limited spay/neuter appointments, therefore appointments are NOT FLEXIBLE.  Your dog must be brought back to the kennel for spay/neuter either the night before OR the morning of the appointment at 5:45am.
    • While you are fostering, you are “dog-sitting.”  Putting the dog on a schedule, acclimating the dog to his or her new environment, and making sure that it is a good fit for everyone.
    • While you are fostering, there are no vet visits (unless you have approval) because your dog has been vetted already.  When you finalize an adoption, you receive the dog’s vetting paperwork and then you would make an appointment for a wellness checkup with your vet.
      • Foster dogs have already been vetted (unless there is an ongoing medical issue that is being addressed).  If you believe there is a medical issue that is urgent, then please email  Most medical issues are routinely seen in rescue and the Rescue has the medications to remedy them (ie: diarrhea, coughing/runny nose, worms)
      • IF there is an issue that requires a veterinarian’s visit, you MUST get approval from the rescue at as well as an appointment could ONLY be made with a Ruff House vet.  The rescue will not cover vet bills at other practitioners.

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  • I would like to foster and possibly adopt. I have 2 small dogs approximately 10 pounds each. One is a rescue from a puppy mill. We had three and unfortunately one passed away a few months ago. They get along very well and would consider a third. My biggest concern is the safety of my two dogs and bringing in a larger dog that could possibly harm either one of mine. I saw Tuff on Facebook and was drawn to him. Is he available and would he get along with two small dogs?

  • I would love to foster a dog and possibly adopt. What are the chances of finding a hypoallergenic dog?

    Thanks !

  • Hi, we are Ramble’s family whom we adopted last Feb. We are interested in doing the foster to adopt Tallulah. Do you know how she is with other dogs?

    • Hi Patricia,
      She hasn’t arrived yet
      please submit the adoption application you can meet her when she arrives

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