What does it mean to foster?



When you foster a litter of puppies, a dog or cat, or a nursing mom and babies, this selfless act can often mean the difference between life or death for an animal out of time at the shelter.

Gizmo’s shelter picture before being rescued (left), Gizmo in foster (right).

When shelters overcrowd they begin to euthanize the animals (dogs, cats, kittens, puppies) while rescues like Ruff House work feverishly to pull the animals out before their time is up and they face their last day here on Earth.  It’s a matter of life or death.

When you foster, you should know you are directly impacting the life or lives of the animals you have lovingly made the commitment to take in and care for.  When you foster, you are opening up space for the rescue to save more animals that are being killed in the shelter.  What could mean more?

When you foster, you open your heart and home up to deserving lives in need.   You show them the love they may never have received before, or worse, the love they once knew and now have lost.

When you foster, you can see if a dog can fit into your family’s lifestyle without commiting to adopting.  Which is a big plus to families considering the lifetime commitment of adoption.

When you foster you are helping transition your foster pet into a home life and routine.  Something they may have never known before.  When you foster, you are teaching your children compassion, love, and responsibility to giving back and helping those in need.

When you foster, you foster the love.

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