Foster families are an integral part of rescue, as we rely on caregivers to take in one or more of our homeless pets.   Fostering opens up a space at our adoption facility and helps to transition the pet into a loving home.    Please read the information below!

How Fostering works!

Step 1: Review which pets are available to foster prior to submitting your application or email us at if you are inquiring about fostering a particular pet.

Step 2:  Consider if you are fostering a pet with intention of adoption.  When submitting your application please state if you are fostering with the intent to adopt the pet.  Click here to read about our Foster-to-Adopt Program.  Fostering a pet requires all members of the household to be in agreement with the fostering process.  No application will be reviewed without confirmation from the applicant that fostering a Ruff House pet has been discussed and everyone is in agreement.  All pets in foster remain posted for adoption until they have been placed in a permanent home.

*Please do not apply to foster if you can only foster a non-shedding dog unless there is a non-shedding dog listed as available to foster.

Step 3. Read the rules and guidelines for fostering and/or fostering with the intention to adopt.

Step 4. Submit a foster application below

*Once your application has been submitted, expect a confirmation email within 24 to 48 hours.  If you do not receive a confirmation, please email us at


  • I don’t know if I am to far. I live in Maryland. Do you need fostering I any areas besides New York?

  • Would be interested in fostering puppies or kittens. I have an 8 year old cat and we had a dog for 12 years so our cat is good with dogs.

  • My son and his family live in your town; I live in Howard Beach, and am in Rockville Centre on Thursdays. I would like to visit your facility. I can foster a dog for a short term. I had two terrier/mix females, mother and daughter, each for over 17 years and cared for my late parents, lab/shep mix for a year, giving her obedience training when she was 12 yrs. old.
    I have a fenced in yard and a property in Litchfield Co. CT where I visit for a few days/mo.

    I would prefer a female, between 30 to 50 lbs. at maturity. I am familiar with several dog training techniques and am able to house-train a puppy I am 82 and widowed. I live alone. I am an ambassador for DOGS FOR THE DEAF in Central Point, OR. I interviewed a woman for a placement of a hearing dog in 2014. I have been a supporter for over 25 years.

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