Volunteer Opportunities

There are so many ways to volunteer for Ruff House Rescue. Every little bit helps so get involved and help us save lives, every day, 4 paws at a time!


volunteershep pupsBATHING BLINKY

Walking Dogs

Dog walking and kennel cleaning are needed DAILY at our facility in Freeport on the Nautical Mile.
We ask that volunteers commit to a shift per week and treat it as if it is a job (give advance notice if you cannot make your shift, or better yet, find coverage).
Shifts for volunteering are: 9:30am – 12:30 pm daily, 7pm – 10pm weeknights, and 6pm – 9pm weekends
Volunteers must be 18 and up, wear sneakers, and be reliable and punctual!  Our pups depend on you!
Complete the Volunteer Application

Fostering Dogs

Take a dog out of the kennel and into your home while we work to find the dog’s forever home. We provide the food, medical care, crates….you provide the love! Fostering also frees up a space for another dog to be brought to kennel. Fostering saves 2 lives for each 1 dog fostered.


 Marketing Specialist

Are you interested in marketing and want to help target the right family for our dogs?  Perhaps you are high school marketing/DECA student willing to donate 5 hours per week for the school year. If so, you could get involved in marketing for the rescue.


Social Media Marketing

Posting your thing? Do you like to tweet? Snap?  We could use your expertise!  Help us reach people through social media platforms. Great opportunity for anyone who likes social media and or a  high school marketing/DECA student willing to donate 5 hours per week for the school year.

Grant writing or research assistant in grant opportunities

Help us write grants to pay for the expenses of running the rescue. Business professionals or high school seniors welcome to apply.


Public Relations

Are you interested in writing and dogs?  If so volunterring  in PR for Ruff House will be so rewarding. Help us to get media exposure (newspapers, TV, online) which will help us to get our pups adopted. This position is perfect for a PR professional  or an upperclassman high school  or college student interested in public relations/ journalism.


Share and Like our Facebook posts

Did you know that sharing one of our FB posts means that your friends and their friends will see our adoptable pups and maybe adopt one? Sharing,  liking and commenting on what we post has a direct result in increasing Ruff House  awareness and our dogs getting adopted. Please share and tell your friends to like what you share.


RHR Liaison

Follow up on our adopted dogs and their families. We give our hearts and souls to those we rescue.  We need to know how they are doing in their fur ever homes. This opportunity will help us to keep tabs on all our adopted dogs.



Not everyone is on social media. We have so many people to reach when we have news to share. Help us get out the word when we need to use “snail mail”. You could take our mailings home or join a group of volunteers when it is time to get out these mass mailings.


Collect needed items for the Rescue

Collect from your town social media groups, friends or clubs (girl or boy scouts, sports teams, church, synagogue). Some important items needed are sheets towels, microfiber blankets, twin size comforters, dog crates, paper towels, dog toys, dog beds, paper towels, dishwashing & laundry detergent,  and items  on our amazon wish list. We are very picky about what our dogs eat and they type of treats they eat….please only shop for these items from our wish list.


Donate prizes to our fundraising Events

Raffles are a huge part of what we do at our events to raise money for the rescue.  Perhaps you could ask your favorite store or restaurant for a donation? If you have something worthwhile you could donate as a raffle prize that would be so appreciated.  Maybe a raffle basket you once won that you don’t need.  Every raffle prize helps fund the important work we do at RH.


When it comes to fundraising ….so many of our volunteers come up with their own ideas. Just let us know your plans and we will give you the ok. These are some of the more recent fundraising opportunities for RHR that volunteers came to us to do:


Temple Chaverim Bark Mitzvah

81 dogs and their families gathered at Temple Chaverim of Plainview where Rabbi Hecht, Rabbi Bennet and Cantor Hyman blessed dogs, cats and a bird. Hasson Caterers donated a 4 foot high by 6 foot high spread of yummy goodies. An $18 donation fee was charged for each animal, leading to $1450 being raised to benefit RHR. All proceeds went to RHR. Ruff house dogs were brought to the event which led to adoptions and increased awareness of RHR. Also, all the dogs were blessed as well. It was a wonderful day for dogs and people at Temple Chaverim.


Tree of Love Mural

A large movable mural was painted at Ruff House’s location, by artist Debbie Wells. The mural named Tree of Love was designed for Ruff House by the artist and personalized tributes were painted on the mural honoring the pets past and present in our lives. Approximately $5,000 was raised by this project. This mural was so successful that we will be doing another mural in the near future.


Rockville Centre St. Patty’s Day Parade

One of our busy volunteers organized this parade. Volunteers met at the rescue, picked up a dog or two and spent the day at the parade. What an amazing outing out for the dogs and volunteers, getting fresh air,  lots of exercise and having so much fun. Also, RH got incredible exposure which led to adoptions. Want to attend our next parade or  hold a parade for Ruff House in your own town? Email Ruffhouserescue@gmail.com


Join us at Petco adoption events

Join us at any of our off site events to help with transport, walking and showing our dogs to potential adopters. We also need help collecting donations at these events. Great for families and high school or middle school students.


Join us at other adoption events

We go to many places with our pups including a recent Lord and Taylor fundraising event. Our pups spent the day in the store meeting potential adopters and then participated in a fashion show.

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Garage Sales

Every year a volunteer holds a huge garage sale in her town. All proceeds benefit RHF. in 2015, $4,000 was earned. In 2016,  another successful garage sale was held in May. Want to help at the garage sale, or organize one in your town? Email ruffhouserescue@gmail.com

Poster Campaign

We have had young artists create special RHR posters to hang around town featuring our adoptable pups.

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Bake goods for our fundraising events

Our own Molly Miller, makes delicious baked goods or chocolate covered goodies and sells them at our events. All proceeds go to RHR.


Dog treats Sales

We have had young volunteers make dog treats and sell them at the rescue and around their towns. All proceeds were donated to RHR.

Mitzvah Days/Mitzvah projects

Many Synagogues have raised money and donations for RHR at their annual mitzvah days. Many Bar and Bat mitzvah students have raised money for RH as part of their mitzvah projects

Church fundraising

Many Churches have raised money and donations for RHR.

Presents donated to the pups

Many young people have given up their birthday, Christmas and Chanukah presents and purchased toys and dog bones for the pups. What a valuable teaching opportunity for our young folks. Our dogs love presents so this is definitely a doggie favorite!


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